Evidence of Policy Success - Work Package 1

Programme of Work:

Evidence of Policy Success - Work Package 1
Task Leader: Simon Smart (CEH Lancaster)
PIs: Simon Smart, Peter Henrys, Lindsay Maskell, Stephen Thackeray (CEH Lancaster), Andrea Britton, Alison Hester (MLURI)

Policy question:
What is the evidence for the success of policies to reduce emissions of N and S in reducing eutrophication and acidification of terrestrial systems?

            Main Activities:

  1. Extend evidence base for unique long term impacts of N and S deposition on vegetation composition through analysis of Scottish woodland resurvey data.
  2. Evaluate the ecological important of observed vegetation change between surveys and hence answer the question does statistically significant change equate with ecologically significant change?

Task 1.1  Evaluating the impact of N and S in combination with other drivers on vegetation change in Scottish semi-natural woodlands.
Milestone 67 (Mar 2011): Completion of data analysis of historical data for semi-natural woodlands
Deliverable (Oct 2011): Paper describing relative role of N and S deposition in semi-natural woodland vegetation change over the last 50 years.
Who: Alison Hester, Andrea Britton

Task 1.2 What is the ecological significance of vegetation changes driven by N and S deposition? Evaluating the magnitude of ecological impact on habitat condition and species composition.
Milestone 68 (Mar 2011): Completion of method assessment for ecological significance
Deliverable (Oct 2011): Paper describing N and S deposition-driven change in habitat condition at GB scale in terms of ecological relevance and % progression to a reference state.
People: Simon Smart, Peter Henrys, Andrea Britton, Alison Hester, Laurence Jones



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