Soil Nitrogen Modelling - Work Package 4

Programme of Work:

Soil Nitrogen Modelling - Work Package 4
Task Leader: Ed Tipping (CEH Lancaster)
PIs: Ed Tipping (CEH Lancaster), Nick Ostle (CEH Lancaster), Bridget Emmett (CEH Bangor), Ed Rowe (CEH Bangor), Chris Evans (CEH Bangor)

Policy question:
How is nitrogen retained in different soils, and what are the implications of continuing atmospheric inputs for future plant N availability and nitrate leaching?

Main activity:
Develop and test the N14C model and use it to investigate the sensitivity of different soils to N enrichment, using field data combined from various sources.

Task 4.1:  Parameterise and test N14C using field data for plants, soil and N deposition;
Milestone 71 (Mar 2011): Completion of test runs for N14C model
Deliverables (Oct 2011): 

  1. Paper on the N14C model; model description, calibration, testing on independent data 
  2. Report on predicted future soil N pools and cycling rates

People: CEH Lancaster: Ed Tipping, Nick Ostle; CEH Bangor: Bridget Emmett, Ed Rowe, Chris Evans



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