Ecosystem Model Chains - Work Package 5

Programme of Work:

Ecosystem Model Chains- Work Package 5
Task Leader: Ed Rowe (CEH Bangor)
Current PIs: Ed Rowe (CEH Bangor), Simon Smart, Andy Scott and Lindsay Maskell (CEH Lancaster)
Current Subcontractor: IVL (Sweden)
New PIs: Ed Rowe (CEH Bangor), Simon Smart (CEH Lancaster)
New Subcontractor: Belyazid Communications (Sweden)

Policy application:
Development of model chains to forecast likely timing of change in soil chemistry and terrestrial biodiversity in response to a reduction in N emissions

Main activity:
Continue to develop ecosystem model chains which link biogeochemical models of soil processes and plant succession with species occurrence models.
Task 5.1: Improve calibrations between GBMOVE plant species models and soil measurements.
PI: Simon Smart

Milestone 72 (Mar 2011):Completion of stepwise procedures to assess predictors of floristic diversity
Deliverable (Oct 2011) : Report on an improved model chain, which is more responsive to short- to medium-term fluctuations in nitrogen availability, and applicable to coastal habitats.

People: Simon Smart (15 days), Lindsay Maskell (10 days), Andy Scott (5 days), Peter Henrys (10 days), Ed Rowe (7 days)
Task 5.2 Testing response functions from GBMOVE with survey and experimental data
PI: Simon Smart
Milestone 73 (Mar 2011): Completion of test of one component of GBMOVE model
Deliverable (Oct 0211) : Report on testing of the GBMOVE model.

People: Simon Smart (15 days), Ed Rowe (8 days), Peter Henrys (10 days),
Task 5.3 Comparison and testing of linked biogeochemistry-biodiversity models
PI: Ed Rowe
Milestone 74 (Mar 2011) : Completion of testing of FORSAFE-GRAFT-VEG model           
Deliverable (Oct 2011): Paper on testing of FORSAFE-GRAFT-VEG, and (e.g. N14C)-GBMOVE models.
People: Ed Rowe (30 days), Salim Belyazid (20 days), Simon Smart (4 days)



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