Evidence of Impacts/Recovery - Work Package 6

Programme of Work:

Evidence of Impacts/Recovery - Work Package 6
Task Leaders : Gareth Phoenix (Sheffield) & Bridget Emmett (CEH Bangor)

PIs: Simon Caporn and Nancy Dise (MMU), Jonathan Leake and Gareth Phoenix (University of Sheffield), Sally Power (Imperial College London), Lucy Sheppard and Ian Leith (CEH Edinburgh). Alwyn. Sowerb, Laurence Jones and Bridget Emmett (CEH Bangor), Andrea Britton and Rachel Helliwell (Macaulay Institute), Elena Vanguelova (Forest Research)

Policy question:
What is the empirical evidence for N impacts and recovery and can models simulate these changes?
Main activity:
Collate data required for testing of linked soil-vegetation model chains from long-term manipulation sites, in particular the monitoring of recovery following cessation of treatments and interaction with management. Interpret findings to increase understanding of impacts, rate of recovery and modifying factors. 

Task 6.1: Long-term impacts of N deposition on UK semi-natural ecosystems and the rates and dynamics of recovery following declines in N loading
Milestone 75 (Mar 2011):
  Submission of latest data to UKREATE database
Deliverables (Oct 2011): (1) Submission of data to UKREATE database. (2) Report to Defra providing an overview of ongoing impacts and recovery using data from sites where summer 2010 monitoring was possible and early results from sites undertaking summer 2011 monitoring.
People: WP6 PIs

Task 6.2: What are the rates and dynamics of recovery in calcareous and acidic grasslands following cessation of long-term N deposition?
Milestone 76 (Mar 2011):
Completion of data collation and analysis for recovery in grassland paper
Deliverables (Oct 2011):  High impact peer reviewed journal article.
People: Gareth Phoenix and Jonathan Leake

Task 6.3: How does nitrogen deposition affect provision of ecosystem services in the UK, and will recovery help?
Milestone 77 (Mar 2011):
  Completion of quantification exercise of N deposition impacts on ecosystem services
Deliverables (Oct 2011): 1) workshop of the TU experts. 2) Paper outlining evidence base for N impacts on Ecosystem Services, and quantifying how N deposition will affect provision over time of selected services, under policy-led scenarios.
People: Laurence Jones (lead) + input from all TU participants



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