Climate Change Indicators - Work Package 7

Programme of Work:

Climate Change Indicators - Work Package 7
Task Leader: Alwyn Sowerby (CEH Bangor)
 PIs: Elena Vangelova (Forest Research), Bridget Emmett (CEH Bangor)

Policy question:
How will climate change influence the effects of N deposition in terrestrial ecosystems and what are the implications for critical loads?

Task 7.1: Using an experimental approach to better understand the impact of climate change on N deposition and critical loads.

Main activity:
Investigate role of climate on N cycling and indicators of N enrichment using two established  climate change experiments

Milestone 78 (Mar 2011): Complete initial testing of GBMOVE-CLIMOVE model using experimental data
Deliverable (Oct 2011):

  1. Data for the TU database, following the agreed data collection in WP6 (including full botanical survey in Aug 2010 and seasonal water chemistry) for model testing.
  2. Paper on impacts of climate change on N dynamics at the Climoor site. 
  3. Paper on nitrogen deposition x  climate interactions synthesising TU survey and experimental results in this area with those from the EU and N America through the various networks CEH is involved in.

People; Alwyn Sowerby, Bridget Emmett, David Williams,

Task 7.2: Regional and national upscale of the direct and indirect climate change impacts into the critical loads for woodlands at UK scale.
Milestone 79 (Mar 2011): Completion of collation of all data needed for mapping of  direct and indirect effects of climate change for woodlands
Deliverables (Oct 2011): Regional and national mapping of changes in species under different climate change scenarios and tree uptake rates of N and base cations for input into Critical Loads calculations.
People: Elena Vanguelova, Rona Pitman, Samantha Broadmeadow

Task 7.3: Impacts of N deposition on ecosystem response to climate stress (Imperial College London)
Milestone 80 (Mar 2011): Maintenance of treatments
Deliverable (Oct 2011): Maintenance of treatments and single assessment of vegetation composition change
People: Sally Power

Task 7.4: Climate change implications for critical loads of nitrogen: A review.
Milestone 81 (Jan 2011): Completion of draft review for circulation for comment
Deliverable (Mar 2011): Delivery of review to Defra.
People: Laurence Jones  (PI, CEH Band 6), Bridget Emmett (CEH Band 3), Ed Tipping (CEH Band 3), Chris Curtis (ENSIS), Neil Rose (ENSIS).



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