Project Management - Work Package 8

Project Management - Work Package 8
Task Leader: Bridget Emmett (CEH Bangor)
PIs: Mike Ashmore (U. York), Lucy Sheppard (CEH Edinburgh)

Policy question:
Knowledge transfer to help support and inform policy development.

Main activity:
Provision of management, advice and support on ad hoc basis, support of CAPER conference.

Task 8.1: Management of TU to ensure effective delivery
Milestone 82  (Mar 2011):Submission of Annual report
Deliverble (Oct 2011): Delivery of TU project to specifications
People: Bridget Emmett, Bron Williams

Task 2: CAPER conference
Milestone  83 (Mar 2011): Organisation of CAPER conference 2010
Deliverable (Oct 2011)
People: Lucy Sheppard and Davis Innes, CEH Edinburgh

Task 3: Update empirical loads for UK, support to UK Critical Load Focal Centre including reactive advice as required
Milestone 84 (2010):  Attendance at workshop to update empirical critical loads
Deliverable (2011): Advice as required to UK CLFC
People: Mike Ashmore, Brian Reynolds



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