UK Research on The Eutrophication and Acidification of Terrestrial Ecosystems

Final Report 2004

on behalf of the project consortium:
Bradford University
Sheffield University
York University
Manchester Metropolitan University
Imperial College London
Macaulay Land Use Research Institute
Forestry Commission 

Title Page and Executive Summary (120 KB)
Work Package 1: Critical loads and Dynamic Modelling
Task 1: Support of the UK Critical Loads Programme (117 KB)
Task 2:Evaluation and development of dynamic models (2153 KB)
Task 3: Provision of data sets for the testing and application of models (511 KB)
Task 4: Application of dynamic models at the regional scale (253 KB)
Work Package 2: Impacts, recovery and controlling processes
Task 5: Long term impacts of enhanced and reduced nitrogen deposition (1660 KB)
Task 6: Processes controlling uptake and storage of N and the effects of N on upland vegetation (488 KB)
Task 7: Assessment of the long term effects of enhanced and reduced S and N deposition on UK forest ecosystems (313 KB) 
Task 8: Characterisation and quantification of key processes controlling the response of soil-plant systems to enhanced N deposition and the leaching of nitrate to surface waters (658 KB)

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