UK Research on The Eutrophication and Acidification of Terrestrial Ecosystems

Final Report 2006

on behalf of the project consortium:
Centre for Ecology & Hydrology
ADAS Pwllpeiran
Forestry Research
Imperial College London
Macaulay Institute
Manchester Metropolitan University
University of Sheffield
University of York

Title Page (11.8KB)
Executive Summary (30.11KB)
Work Package 1: Refinement of Critical Loads
Task 1: Update and refinement of critical loads (11.35 KB)
Task 2:Refinement of empirical critical loads of nitrogen and their application to the UK (16.84 KB)
Work Package 2:Impacts Recovery and Processes
Task 3: Grassland soil and vegetation responses following nitrogen saturation at Wardlow Hay-Cop (318.83KB)
Task 4: The effects of nitrogen deposition at Ruabon (85.12 KB)
Task 5: Impacts of nitrogen at Thursley and for lowland heathlands (129.93 KB)
Task 6: Interactions between nitrogen and grazing at Pwllpeiran. (15.22 KB)
Task 7: Whim Moss nitrogen manipulation experiment and open-top-chamber flux work (145.69 KB)
Task 8: The potential for recovery and interactive effects of climate change in acid grasslands (215.02KB)
Task 9:Evaluating the impacts of environmental change using archive vegetation data (28.94 KB)
Task 10:Changes in bryophyte flora of calcareous grasslands and changes in the bryophyte flora of limestone pavements (26.36KB)
Task 11:Factors controlling nitrate breakthrough at the landscape scale (105.12KB)
Task 12: Investigation of long term soil and water dynamics in sensitive Lake District Catchments (139.98 KB)
Task 13:Wetlands as nitrate regulators (39.31KB)
Task 14:Provision and interpretation of long term data to refine critical loads for forests, modifications required due to climate change and review of peat pH (229.74KB)
Task 15: Analysis of monitoring data (123.52 KB)
Work Package 3: Dynamic modelling and vegetation response
Task 17:Vegetation module for dynamic modelling (100.29 KB)
Appendix  (1691KB)


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