UK Research on The Eutrophication and Acidification of Terrestrial Ecosystems

Annual Report 2010 (121 MB)

Annual Report 2009, (290 KB) SID4 (94.5 KB)

Annual Report 2008 (441 KB), SID 4 (78.68 KB)

Annual Report 2007 (4050.03KB)

Annual Report 2006

Annual Report 2005

Annual Report 2004

The Impacts of Nitrogen Deposition in Forest Ecosystems: A Review (78 kb)

An assessment of the suitability of the Very Simple Dynamic (VSD) model for UK national-scale application: model and data issues (332 KB)

Bias in Ellenberg indicator values
– problems with detection of the effect of vegetation type

Jones, M.L.M., Sowerby, A., Wallace, H.A., 2007. Better Understanding of Soil Resources - Dune Stabilisation and Rates of Soil Development on Welsh Dune Systems. Final Report to Countryside Council for Wales. March 2007., CEH Bangor.

Pitman, R. and Vanguelova, E. 2006. Influences of stand age and soil propoerties on forest biodiversity. Environmnetal and Human Sciences Research Highlight 1. In: Forest Research Annual Report and Accounts 2004-5. The Stationery Office, Norwich.

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Sheppard, L.J., Crossley, A., Ingleby, K., Cape, J.N., Fowler, D., Kennedy, V. 2004. Phase II: assessment of the long-term effects of enhanced and reduced (recovery) S and N deposition on a UK forest ecosystem growing on a predominantly organic, acid soil. Defra.


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